We have a diverse fleet of access equipment for many different applications. When it comes to heavy industrial use, we have a range of booms that are designed for industrial work.

For heavy industrial use, customers want access to equipment that is up to the task. They want machines that are built to lift the heaviest of loads and a company that can supply them with what they want and that understands what they need. That’s where Goscor Access Solutions comes in.

At Goscor Access Solutions, we have a diverse fleet of access equipment for many different applications. When it comes to heavy industrial use, we have a range of telescopic booms that are designed for heavy industrial work. Let’s take a look at what is needed for heavy industrial work, and what the best access equipment for working at height for the job is, as recommend by the specialists at Goscor Access Solutions;

What is access equipment?

Access equipment otherwise known as elevating work platforms, are machines designed to lift and carry loads in a variety of different industries. From cherry pickers used in warehousing and retail to large boom lifts used in the construction, infrastructure and petro-chemical industry, there are many different kinds of access equipment in the market.

What access equipment is used for heavy industrial use

When it comes to heavy industrial use, the most commonly used access equipment examples are scissor lifts, articulated and telescopic booms and telehandlers.

“Our entire range of access equipment is suitable for heavy industry, and it really just depends on the specifics of each project or company requirement. However, when it comes to the bigger booms and XC capacity, we would recommend the big guns in our range – Genie’s SX150 and SX180, S105 and S125” says Marcus Gartside, National Sales Manager for Goscor Access Solutions.

Genie SX-105 XC – SX-125 XC 

The first two boom lifts in our heavy lift range are the Genie S105 and S125. Both have an unrestricted lift capacity of 300kg, making them very big players in the heavy lift game. Their working heights are between 30 – 40m with a horizontal reach of 24m. The platform working height on these machines are between 32 – 38m and both offer a 6ft and 8ft model in the range. The features of these machines can be easily configured to a customer’s needs and they have a wide range of productivity and power options.

Genie SX-150 

With a lift capacity of 340kgs is a very reliable self-levelling platform that offers a 160degree hydraulic platform rotation. It offers a working height of 48.33m and a horizontal reach of 24.4m. The 2.44m tri-entry platform has a side swing gate and it also has a 3m rotating jib.

Genie SX-180 

This self-propelled telescopic boom also has a lift capacity of 340kgs and 360degree continuous turntable rotation. It has the highest working height offering of all our telescopic booms at 56.86m and a platform height of 54.86m. It’s powered by a 4-cylinder 55kW turbo-diesel engine, 4×4 drive/steer, an X-Chassis with extendable axles and rough terrain tyres, making it the ideal heavy lift access equipment especially for construction or industrial use.

“We are able to take all our customers through the detailed specifications of all our machines in our range including these big boom lifts. We try to understand the details of what every customer wants and needs in order to sell them the best type of equipment for the job” adds Gartside.

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