Goscor Access Solutions Products

With +1000 machines that extend to heights of between 6m – 57m, we have the ability to offer a wide spectrum of access equipment.

We sell and rent a range of mobile elevated work platforms for a variety of leading industries in the country. No matter what your aerial access equipment needs or application purposes are, as your trusted equipment supplier, we can suggest a range of products and brands to choose from that offer reliability, quality and robust engineering every time.

We’re happy to offer our customers machines in access equipment for working at heights from a variety of well-known international brands which includes Genie, ATN, Holland Lift and Teupen. Whether you need access equipment hire for machines like cherry pickers or scissor lifts for warehousing and maintenance, or you’re looking to buy lighting tower or telehandler for construction, we’ll be able to guide you with choosing the right machine for the job.

Goscor Access Solutions sells a full spectrum range of machines to anywhere in Africa. From Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe to Angola, Kenya and the DRC, we’ve got the experience in delivery and a team of specialists available for technical support and servicing. Whether it’s lighting towers, scissor lifts, booms or spare parts, we have the ability to sell access equipment in Africa.

Call us to find out more about the machines we offer on 011 393 6437. We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year; we’re at your service.

Our Machines

What is aerial access equipment?

A great question indeed! Aerial access equipment enables work to be done at heights most often in inaccessible places. Think of the construction industry or even the firefighting industry and the amount of work that needs to be done at heights? This gives you an idea of when aerial access equipment is most needed.

Our range of products for aerial access work includes:

Cherry Pickers/Boom Lifts

Used for a variety of applications, cherry pickers or boom lifts are used to fulfil specific working height needs. Ideal for warehousing as well as outdoor applications in the maintenance and construction fields, cherry pickers are available from Goscor Access Solutions to rent or buy as both electric or diesel-operated options.

To view the entire range of cherry pickers from Goscor Access Solutions, click here.

Scissor Lifts

Motorized platforms which move down and up, scissor lifts are commonly used in the construction and manufacturing industries. Their ability to reach excellent working heights thanks to their scissor-mechanism they use, scissor lifts are built to be robust, high reaching and be able to access difficult to reach places.

To view the entire range of scissor lifts from Goscor Access Solutions, click here.

Telehandlers/Material Lifts

From aerial work platforms to telescopic handlers, the range of telehandlers or material lifts from Goscor Access Solutions offers versatility when it comes to the types of jobs they can perform. Whether you’re needing a telehandler for a construction site or a material lift for a mine or farm, these machines vary in size making them as small or large and robust as you need them to be.

To view the entire range of telehandlers from Goscor Access Solutions, click here.

Light Towers

Portable and efficient, a light tower can be used for virtually any lighting need. From lighting road blocks for road safety industry to lighting-up a concert, and from keep the lights on during a construction project to indoor lighting in a warehouse, light towers can be used a wide variety of purposes.

To view the entire range of light towers from Goscor Access Solutions, click here.

Mini Access Lifts

Mini Access Lifts are great for those hard-to-reach applications when you just need a small aerial work platform to help. Thanks to their compact frame, our range of mini lifts offer easy-to-manoeuvre movement but can handle lifting a heavy load. Light and compact, choose a mini access lift today for work that requires care on floors, tiles or carpets too.

To view the entire range of mini access lifts from Goscor Access Solutions, click here.

Where can I get mobile access equipment?

Goscor Access Solutions offers the rental or purchase of aerial access equipment anywhere in South Africa from a range of international brands. We also have the ability to sell and deliver of our mobile access equipment to anywhere in Africa.

We are proud to be a trusted access equipment supplier to a range of industries within Africa. We also pride ourselves on excellent customer service, focused on making sure the machines you buy or rent from us, work for you as long as possible with minimal downtime and maximum output.

The Goscor Access Solutions team is ready for your call. We’re here to support you 24/7 and ensure we provide you the right machine for the job, with the right team to execute it.