Diesel Scissor Lifts For Sale

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If you’re looking for diesel scissor lifts for sale or rental, call us today. Our variety of robust, top-quality diesel scissor lifts are built tough and meant to get the job done accurately the first time. From Genie to Holland, we stock a wide range of diesel scissor lifts for rental and for sale which boast excellent capacities and larger platform work spaces. They also feature excellent maneuverability for increased productivity.

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  • GENIE GS2669 RT 4X4

    Working height  – 9.8 m

    Deck extension  – 0.87 m

    Up & over clearance – 7.92 m

    Platform capacity  – 454 kg

    Width – 1.16 m

    Unit weight – 2447 kg


  • GENIE GS3369 RT 4X4

    Working height  – 11.9 m

    Deck extension  – 1.38 m

    Up & over clearance – 9.96 m

    Platform capacity  – 454 kg

    Width – 1.75 m

    Unit weight – 3490 kg


  • GENIE GS4069 RT 4X4

    Working height  – 14.02 m

    Deck extension  – 1.38 m

    Up & over clearance – 12.2 m

    Platform capacity  – 363 kg

    Width – 1.75 m

    Unit weight – 4647 kg

  • GENIE GS4390 RT 4X4

    Working height  – 15.11 m

    Deck extension  – 1.52/1.22* m

    Up & over clearance – 13.11

    Platform capacity – 680 kg

    Width – 2.36 m

    Unit weight -6609 kg


  • GENIE GS5390 RT 4X4

    Working height  – 18.15 m

    Deck extension  – 1.52/1.22* m

    Up & over clearance – 16.15 m

    Platform capacity – 680 kg

    Width – 2.36 m

    Unit weight -9 190 kg


  • Holland Lift HL-275 4×4

    Working height  – 27.5 m

    Deck extension  – 2.1 m

    Up & over clearance – 25.2 m

    Platform capacity – 1000 kg

    Width – 2.365 m

    Unit weight – 21 910 kg

Diesel Scissor Lifts

Our range of scissor lifts feature an impressive list of benefits and specifications to match a variety of applications that they might be needed for. Our customers are always impressed at the high level of workability and reliability that our scissor lift range presents. The main benefits of our range of scissor lifts include:
  • 4×4 drive for tough-terrain driving and demanding sites
  • Able to drive and function while extended at full height
  • Easy troubleshooting capabilities onboard
  • Multiple safety features for increased health & safety adherence
View our product line of scissor lifts now. No matter what your worksite needs or application, one of the following diesel scissor lifts should meet your specifications: Genie GS2669 RT 4×4 – thanks to four-wheel drive and impressive traction control, this scissor lift can take on any demanding site. Genie GS3369 RT 4×4 – with a working height of almost 12m and deck extension of 1.4m, this lift can move while fully extended. Genie GS4069 RT 4×4 – at full deck extension, this lift offers a deck length of 5m which is excellent for many construction and commercial requirements. Genie GS4390 RT 4×4 – with a working height of 15m and self-levelling outriggers for uneven surfaces, this lift is built for the most robust jobs. Genie GS5390 RT 4×4 – this lift features an 18m working height and can drive on slopes with a gradeability of 50%. Holland Lift HL-275  – this impressive machine has a working height of 27.5m, deck extension of 2.1m and a load capacity of 1000kgs. How much does a diesel scissor lift cost? If you’re looking for a diesel scissor lift for sale or to rent one, chat to one of our team members today. We’re here to help you get the best return on your investment. We aim to give you the most competitive rental costs and purchase prices on the market. Where to buy diesel scissor lifts? Goscor Access Solutions is here to help you with a machine to meet your business requirements, whether it is to rent or buy. We offer a fully functioning Service & Parts team, who are trained to carry out maintenance and breakdown services to equipment onsite. Ask one of our team members today about our robust maintenance plans on offer. Goscor Access Solutions is ready to take your call and assist you with all requirements. Let us be your trusted equipment solutions company.