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Thanks to our impressive range of trusted equipment solutions, Goscor Access Solutions has widely become known as the go-to equipment sales and rental company in South Africa.

We offer an extensive range of slab and rough-terrain scissor lifts which are perfect for many applications including outdoor and indoor uses. Goscor Access Solutions offers scissor lifts for sale in South Africa at competitive prices, with a sales and service team that is second-to-none.

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  • PB Lifttechnik 171-12ES

    Working height  – 17.03 m

    Deck extension  – 1.0 m

    Up & over clearance – 15.03 m

    Platform capacity  – 400 kg

    Width – 1.2 m

    Unit weight – 4670 kg


  • PB Lifttechnik 175-19E 4×4

    Working height  – 17.8 m

    Deck extension  – 2.2 m

    Up & over clearance – 15.08 m

    Platform capacity  – 500 kg

    Width – 1.9 m

    Unit weight – 8980 kg



    Working height  – 22.5 m

    Deck extension  – 1.5 m

    Up & over clearance – 20.5 m

    Platform capacity  – 450 kg

    Width – 1.2 m

    Unit weight – 10 290 kg


High Level Scissor Lifts for sale or hire

Our range of scissor lifts not only boast excellent capacity and larger platform workspace, but also offer excellent speed, ensuring increased productivity. The rough-terrain scissor lifts are especially robust for construction sites, while our slab scissor lifts are ideal for manoeuvring in tight spaces. Other excellent specifications of our scissor lift range, includes:
  • Excellent working heights and extensions
  • Compact and powerful for all terrains
  • Emission-free manoeuvring and quiet handling, especially needed for indoor use.
  • Large deck and platform space for uninhibited workspace
  • Large load bearing capacity.
The scissor lift range from Goscor Access Solutions are especially perfect for maintenance and installation applications, with firm, level surfaces. We offer electric scissor lifts as well as diesel-powered ones in a selection of working heights and reach options. No matter what kind of scissor lift you might need, Goscor Access Solutions has a robust, affordable option for you. Looking for a scissor lift for sale near you? Choose from our powerful range of high level scissor lifts now;
  • PB Lifttechnik 171-12ES – with a working height of just over 17m and a platform capacity of 400kg, this powerful little workhorse is front-wheel drive and is able to access driveways with an up to 25% incline.
  • PB Lifttechnik 175-19E 4x4 – thanks to its 2.2m deck extension and almost 18m working height, this electric-hydraulically driven scissor lift is quiet enough for indoors and rugged enough for outdoors.
  • PB Lifttechnik 225-12ES – The big Daddy of the range, with a working height of 22.5m and a deck extension of 1.5m, this scissor lift option is solid yet strong enough to suit any job. Thanks to its compact size, its perfect for tight working spaces like inner-city jobs.
Our team of sales and rental specialists are on hand daily to give the best advice and most competitive price for each and every customer. We pride ourselves on being a part of the great Goscor Group and our teams are dedicated to making sure each one of our customer’s feel like a king. Our Service and Parts team work diligently behind the scenes to ensure that all our equipment is kept well-serviced to avoid breakdowns and time-out delays. We would not want your operations to be affected by poor service or downtime. Call Goscor Access Solutions today for all the scissor lift rental information you need. Goscor Access Solutions – trusted equipment solutions, today!