Mini Access Lifts

Great handling, and easy to manoeuvre

Thanks to our years of service and expertise in the industry, Goscor Access Solutions is proud to have earned the reputation as one of the most trusted equipment solution company’s in South Africa. We are able to sell or rent top quality, robust, reliable equipment needed for any industry across the country.

If you are the retail industry, or even warehousing and shipping. Or if you’re an artisan like a plumber, painter, drywaller, ceiling specialist or even an electrician, using a specialised cherry picker or access platform is a must for those hard-to-reach jobs in smaller spaces. We proudly offer a compact and versatile range of mini access platforms for sale and to rent that come standard with some excellent features. If you are in need of a mini access lift, look no further than Goscor Access Solutions.

Contact Goscor Access Solutions today, to find out more about a mini access platform that you need. We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • HB-1030

    Key Features

    • Working height up to 4.87m
    • Weighs only 577.4kg
  • HB-1430

    Hybrid Mini Access Lift: Compact… Maneuverable… Easy To Use and Maintain… The Hy-Brid series are aerial lifts like no other.

  • HB-830

    Key Features

    • Working height up to 4.27m
    • Weighs only 746kg
  • HB-P830

    Key Features

    • Working height up to 4.27m
    • Weighs only 360kg
As a trusted name in high access equipment solutions, Goscor Access Solutions boasts an excellent range of mini access lifts. Each mini access lift has its own set of unique features, but all come standard with some fantastic benefits which include:
  • Easy to use proportional controls and electric drive
  • Non-marking res for simple, unhindered movement
  • Excellent range of working height and lifting capacity, fit for any small job
  • Light weight and compact units which are easy to manoeuvre and won’t damage floors, carpets or tiles
Take a look at our unique mini scissor lifts which boast impressive specifications that guarantee excellent results. Choose from our range below;
  • HB-1030 – with a working height of 4.87m this unit is compact and lightweight which is excellent for jobs on delicate flooring but is tough enough to lift a capacity of 340kgs.
  • HB-1430 – easy to manoeuvre and maintain with a great lifting capacity of 340kgs, this robust little unit boasts an impressive working height of 6.1m
  • HB-830 – this compact, mini access lift only weighs 746kgs, but can lift a capacity of 227kgs and reach a working height of 4.27m
  • HB-P830 – this unit is the smallest in the HB range and only weighs 360kgs. Its full swing entrance door and proportional controls, as well as the fact that it can lift 227kgs and work at a height of 4.27m make it an excellent choice for those smaller, hard to reach jobs.
Chat to one of our dedicated sales specialists today about the electric scissor lift you need -  they are on hand to offer you the best advice as well as the most competitive cherry picker price on the market. At Goscor Access Solutions, our sales team are passionate about making sure you get the right equipment for the job, at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Backing our sales team is our top-quality servicing & parts team, who are highly-skilled at being able to maintain both your mini access lifts and its parts. The service team is able to service and fix all of our machines we sell and rent onsite; ensuring minimal downtime to you and avoiding breakdowns at all costs. Call Goscor Access Solutions for mini access lifts for sale or rental. Goscor Access Solutions – high access solutions for your projects!