Material Lifting Equipment

Excellent lifting capabilities

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When it comes to lifting equipment and material lifts for sale, Goscor Access Solutions has a robust range of functional, savvy, powerful material lifts to suit every application. Trust the leaders in equipment solutions for all your material handling equipment needs, we also rent material lift machines as well. Our range boasts impressive features that are much-needed to get the job done well the first time, most especially for the construction and commercial industries.

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Our range of material lifting equipment focuses specially on the excellent Genie material lift brand. The range offers multiple features and benefits, including:
  • Quiet units for maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Compact units which are easy to transport
  • Varied and impressive lifting heights and load capacities
  • Easily operated by one person, functional and multi-featured
When choosing a material lifting equipment, it’s important that you understand its features and benefits in order to know if the unit will match your specific needs and job applications. Take a look at our reliable material lift range now:
  • Genie Load Lifter – this mini lifter features a lifting height of 1.7m and a load capacity of 91kgs. Its compact and portable yet strong enough for any material lifting job.
  • Genie Super Tower – perfect for the entrainment industry, the Super Tower series is designed to assist with telescopic lighting, sound and backdrop setup. The range boasts lifting heights of approx. 6.5m – 8m and load capacities of between 295kgs – 363kgs.
  • Genie Super Hoist – the Genie Hoist range is designed to lift and position material into difficult to reach, intricate spaces. The unit boasts a lifting height of 5.6m and load capacity of 113kgs.
  • Genie Superlift Advantage – the Advantage series offers a compact design dedicated to doing some heavy-duty lifting. The models in the range feature lifting heights of between 4m – 8m and load capacities of between 295kgs – 454kgs.
  • Genie Superlift Contractor – the Contractor series models are easily operated with interchangeable load handling attachments, Models in the range all offer a load capacity of 295kgs with lifting heights of between 4m – 7.3m.
  • Genie Lift – the Genie Lift series offers three base options for outstanding manoeuvrability and comes with optional extras. The models in the series offer lifting heights of between 1.8m – 4.2m and load capacities of between 159kgs – 227kgs.

How much does it cost to buy or hire a material lifting machine?

Not sure which Genie material lifts for sale are suited to your specific needs? Don’t worry, our professional and knowledgeable sales team are ready and waiting to discuss your needs with you, enabling them to easily guide and advise you as to the best material lift for you. The sales team will be able to recommend rental equipment for you as well, all of which will be priced at the most competitive rates on the market. Maintenance and servicing are also a very strong part of our customer service ethos. Our Service & parts team are on hand 24/7 to offer customers the best maintenance plans for the lifting equipment they buy or rent, as well as the ability to change parts and manage breakdowns as and when they occur onsite. Call Goscor Access Solutions today for all the material lifting equipment information you need. Goscor Access Solutions – trusted equipment solutions, today!