Spider Cherry Picker for Sale or Hire

Spider lifts for a variety of applications

Trust the leaders in equipment solutions in South Africa, trust Goscor Access Solutions today. We have established ourselves as the go-to provider for a variety of equipment solutions for companies through the country’s mining, construction, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Our robust range of spider boom lifts for sale and spider lift rentals offer customers everything they need from this specialised technology. Our choice of tracked crawler boom lifts or spider lifts, which includes Teupen Leo, are versatile and perfect for uneven surfaces such as staircases thanks to their incredible traction capabilities. Our range offers impressive working heights of between 13m to an astonishing 35m.

Contact Goscor Access Solutions today, to find out more about the spider boom lift that you need. We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year – Goscor Access Solutions, at your service.

  • Leo15 GT

    Working height – 14.7 m
    Horizontal outreach – 7.6 m
    Up & over clearance  5.4 kg
    Platform capacity – 200 kg
    Width – 0.78 m
    Unit weight – 1 780 kg


  • Leo18 GT

    Working height – 17.4 m
    Horizontal outreach – 7.4 m
    Up & over clearance  8.2 kg
    Platform capacity – 200 kg
    Width – 0.78 m
    Unit weight – 2 400 kg


  • ATN Mygale 23

    Working height – 22.85 m
    Horizontal outreach – 11 m
    Up & over clearance  11.25 m
    Platform capacity – 230 kg
    Width – 1.19 m
    Unit weight – 3 450 kg


  • Leo23 GT

    Working height – 23 m
    Horizontal outreach – 11.2 m
    Up & over clearance  11.5 kg
    Platform capacity – 200 kg
    Width – 0.98 m
    Unit weight – 2 990 kg

  • Leo30 T

    Working height – 30 m
    Horizontal outreach – 15.7 m
    Up & over clearance  n/a
    Platform capacity – 200 kg
    Width – 1.58 m
    Unit weight – 4 225 kg

  • Leo36 T

    Working height – 35.5 m
    Horizontal outreach – 15.6 m
    Up & over clearance  n/a
    Platform capacity – 200 kg
    Width – 1.58 m
    Unit weight – 4 900 kg

At Goscor Access Solutions, our spider cherry picker range is second-to-none offering outstanding features and state-of-the-art specifications. We pride ourselves in offering spider lifts as versatile and accessible as our range does, whose benefits all include:
  • High performing and easy to handle
  • Designed for excellence across a range of applications
  • Light, compact and easy to transport
  • Rigid designs with automatic stabilisers for the most uneven work sites
  • Excellent ranges of working heights and reaches
You’ll be impressed at what our range has to offer. Take a look for yourself now:
  • Leo15 GT – this versatile spider lift is excellent for both indoor and outdoor applications with an impressively compact working height of 15m
  • Leo18 GT – built for performance this spider lift boasts impressive working heights, side reaches and up and over clearances.
  • ATN Mygale 23 – this trusted ATN spider lift features a platform capacity of 230kgs and a working height of nearly 23m.
  • Leo23 GT – thanks to its specialised boom and high-strength steel telescope technology, this spider lift is a true leader in its class.
  • Leo30 T – Teupen’s best seller in the Leo range, this spider lift features an impressive 30m working height and 15.7m horizontal outreach.
  • Leo36 T – with its 180degree basket rotation capability and 35.5m working height, this spider lift is ready to take on any challenge.

How much does it cost to hire or buy a spide cherry picker?

If affordability is your worry, our professional team of dedicated sales staff are on hand to give you the most competitive spider lift hire prices on the market. They will endeavour to make sure that they give you sound advice as to the right spider lift for your application needs at the price that matches your budget. Thanks to our fully functional Service & Parts team, Goscor Access Solutions is also able to offer you  robust maintenance plans for any spider lift you buy or rent. We aim to minimise breakdowns which result in downtime for your projects and are able to maintain and service your machines onsite. Call Goscor Access Solutions today for all the spider lift hire and sale information you need. Goscor Access Solutions – trusted equipment solutions, today!