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No matter what your equipment need, and no matter the industry you are in, Goscor Access Solutions has an equipment solution for sale or to rent to match your needs exactly. We are the trusted name in equipment solutions, why choose anyone else?

Our impressive range of articulating boom lifts for sale and articulating boom lift for rent is unmatched in the industry and we service customers across a range of operations from mining to warehousing. Our range of boom lifts are available in electric or diesel articulating boom lifts depending on the need and application. No matter if you want to rent a lift or buy a new one, and whether you need it for indoor or outdoor use, you’ll be guaranteed to find it in our range.

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  • ATN Zebra 12

    Working height  – 12.2 m

    Horizontal outreach  – 8.5 m

    Up & over clearance – 4.42 m

    Platform capacity – 230 kg

    Width – 1.94 m

    Unit weight – 5 150 kg

  • Genie Z45 XC

    Working height – 15.86m

    Platform height – 13.86m

    Up & over clearance – 7.44 m

    Lift Capacity – 454 kg restricted / 300 kg unrestricted

    Platform Length – 0.76 m

    Platform Width – 1.83m

    Unit weight – 6870 kg

  • Genie Z60 FE

    Working height – 20.16m

    Platform height – 18.16m

    Horizontal Reach – 11.15m

    Up & over clearance – 7.39m

    Below Ground Reach – 2.46m

    Lift Capacity – 227kg

    Platform Rotation – 160degrees

    Unit weight – 7530kg

  • Genie Z45/25J RT 4×4

    Working height  – 15.86 m

    Horizontal outreach  – 7.52 m

    Up & over clearance – 7.14 m

    Platform capacity – 227 kg

    Width – 2.29 m

    Unit weight – 6 123 kg

  • ATN Zebra 16S

    Working height  – 16.8 m

    Horizontal outreach  – 9.3 m

    Up & over clearance – 7.4 m

    Platform capacity – 230 kg

    Width – 2.24 m

    Unit weight – 8 050 kg

  • Genie Z51/30J RT 4×4

    Working height  – 17.62 m

    Horizontal outreach  – 9.25 m

    Up & over clearance – 7.42 m

    Platform capacity – 227 kg

    Width – 2.29 m

    Unit weight – 7 212 kg

  • Genie Z60/34J RT 4×4

    Working height  – 20.39 m

    Horizontal outreach  – 11.05 m

    Up & over clearance – 8.23 m

    Platform capacity – 227 kg

    Width – 2.46 m

    Unit weight – 11 231 kg

  • Genie Z62/40J RT 4×4

    Working height  – 20.87 m

    Horizontal outreach  – 12.42 m

    Up & over clearance – 7.8 m

    Platform capacity – 227 kg

    Width – 2.49 m

    Unit weight – 10 070 kg

  • Genie Z80/60J RT 4×4

    Working height  – 25.77 m

    Horizontal outreach – 18.29 m

    Up & over clearance – 8.83 m

    Platform capacity – 227 kg

    Width – 2.49 m

    Unit weight – 17 010 kg

  • Genie Z135/70J RT 4x4x4

    Working height  – 43.15 m

    Horizontal outreach  – 21.26 m

    Up & over clearance – 23.01*m

    Platform capacity – 272 kg

    Width – 2.49** m

    Unit weight – 20 502 kg

    * Check riser position
    ** Axles retracted

Thanks to our year’s in the industry, we’ve cultivated a deep understanding of what our customers and potential customers need from articulated boom lifts. That’s why we’ve chosen to stock some of the best brand names available, including ATN Zebra and Genie articulated boom lifts for sale and rent. Whether you are looking for a small boom lift with big capacity, or a large boom lift with greater working heights, we have something for everyone in our range. Our range of boom lifts or aerial lifts for hire or sale offers a variety of benefits, including
  • Excellent horizontal reach for impressive productivity
  • Easy to maintain with low downtimes
  • Large range of platform capacities for all applications
  • Compactly built for good manoeuvrability
Our range of articulated boom lifts is impressive to say the least and is comprehensive enough to meet any need and application. Take a look at the variety and benefits of our range for yourself;
  • ATN Zebra 12 – the compact Zebra 12 has a high ground clearance and excellent horizontal reach of 8.5m.
  • Genie Z45/25J RT 4×4 – thanks to its 1.8m inside turning radius, this boom lift is incredibly agile and manoeuvrable.
  • ATN Zebra 16S – this workhorse has a working height of 16.8m, horizontal reach of 9.3m and a platform capacity of 230kgs.
  • Genie Z51/30J RT 4×4 – the Z51 is an excellent mid-level boom lift for many construction or commercial jobs.
  • Genie Z60/34J RT 4×4 – for those hard to reach places on tricky sites, the Z60 offers a working height of just over 20m and an impressive reach of 11m.
  • Genie Z62/40J RT 4×4 – this Genie boom lift for sale features an impressive 135degree range of motion.
  • Genie Z80/60J RT 4×4 – this boom lift features a primary and secondary boom which can be lowered independently for faster productivity.
  • Genie Z135/70J RT 4×4 – the big Daddy of the range features a whopping 43m working height, 21m horizontal reach and can rotate 360degrees continuously.

How much does it cost to hire articulated boom lifts?

Our dedicated sales team are on hand to assist you with understanding the specifications of each of our boom lifts for sale or aerial lift rentals. They endeavour to understand your needs and the applications you require the equipment for and are able to give you sound advice and the most competitive prices available on the market. They are supported by our highly-trained Service & Parts team who are on hand 24/7 to deal with maintenance or breakdown issues onsite. Call Goscor Access Solutions today for all the boom lift rental and sales information you need. Goscor Access Solutions – trusted equipment solutions, today!