Cherry Pickers

Cherry pickers

Cherry pickers (also called elevated work platforms or boom lifts) have become an essential tool used in construction, maintenance, farming and warehousing.

A cherry picker uses a hydraulic crane to raise and lower people on a platform or bucket so that they can safely and efficiently perform a number of tasks high off the ground.

How does a cherry picker work?

Cherry pickers have a long, extendible arm (or boom) that can be raise and lower a bucket or platform on the one end. The machine uses a hydraulic crane to lift the arm. They are ideal for any job that requires a worker to work high above the ground.

Cherry pickers got their name from their original function, which was to pick fruit off high trees on farms. Today you’ll find cherry pickers on construction sites where they can quickly lift workers up to the higher floors of the building without the need for scaffolding.

Cherry pickers are also used extensively in warehouses where they can quickly reach high shelves. They are often used to raise maintenance workers and electricians up to ceiling height in large buildings and warehouses. You’ve no doubt seen cherry pickers used alongside the road to help with the repair or powerlines, telephone lines and streetlights.

Types of cherry pickers

Cherry pickers can be used for a variety of applications, and various designs are more suited to helping to fulfil specific needs. Goscor Access Solutions offer both electric and diesel articulated boom lifts. We stock mast booms which are ideal for warehouses and orchard booms which are generally used for outdoor applications like telephone pole repair.

For larger projects, telescopic and super boom lifts can reach impressive heights. Telescopic boom lifts can extend to a height of 40 meters, while super boom lifts can extend as much as 60 meters!

Spider booms are ideal for using in tight spaces as they have a smaller footprint.

Where can I buy a Cherry Picker?

Goscor Access Solutions offer an impressive range of cherry pickers. These can be bought or hired for your next construction or maintenance job.

Contact Goscor Access Solutions to speak to one of our sales staff about your specific needs. We will be able to guide you towards the right cherry picker for your specific application, at a cost that will suit your budget. If you prefer, you can submit an enquiry online and we’ll get back to you with a comprehensive quote.