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For a variety of robust equipment made to the highest standard, at the most competitive prices, choose the most trusted name in equipment solutions, Goscor Access Solutions.

When searching for booms lifts for sale or electric boom lift hire, contact the experts at Goscor Access Solutions who are trained in helping every customer find the perfect boom lift for any application and specification. From indoor to outdoor use and even rough-terrain handling, our range of articulating boom lifts have the reach and reliability to get the job done properly the first time.

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Thanks to our extensive range of boom lifts for sale and to rent, we are able to offer our customers equipment that is up to any task, whether needed for indoor or outdoor use. Each piece of equipment has its own unique set of specifications but all offer the same excellent benefits to customers, which include:

  • Impressive working heights and horizontal reach
  • Excellent load bearing capabilities
  • Efficient, smooth operations
  • Compact, robust and manoeuvrable

Our range of boom lifts and articulating boom lifts is varied and has an impressive specification offering. Choose from our range below;

  • ATN Piaf 1000R – this compact boom lift has an impressive 10m working height and is most efficient thanks to its 2 x 100-degree top rotation.
  • ATN Piaf 1100R – compact and easily operated, this boom lift has a working height of nearly 11m and a load capacity of 200kgs.
  • Genie Z33/18J DC – thanks to its low weight, this agile boom lift is perfect for use indoors on sensitive floors or surfaces such as airports or shopping malls.
  • Genie Z34/22J DC – this boom lift offers just over a 12.5m working height and staggering horizontal reach of nearly 7m.
  • Snorkel A38E – thanks to its tight inside turning radius and one-handed controls, this boom lift is functional and superbly agile.
  • Genie Z45/25J DC – with an almost 6m working height and load capacity of nearly 230kgs, this boom lift can clear up and over a width of 7.24m too.
  • Genie Z60/37J DC – this powerful boom lift can work at a height of just over 20m and has an impressive 135-degree range of motion.
  • JLG E600JP – known for its awesome productivity and unrivalled manoeuvrability, this boom lift is a power house of note.

At Goscor Access Solutions, we believe in trusted, excellent quality solutions and equipment as well as top-quality customer service too. Our professional, skilled sales team is able to advise and guide you with detailed information and product knowledge, to help you find the right boom lift for sale, or electric boom lift rental. Our dedicated salesmen are efficiently supported by a robust Service & Parts team, that understand the technical workings of our equipment. They are on-hand 24/7 to keep up the maintenance of any machine purchased or rented through us and are dedicated to keeping your equipment running well, avoiding any downtime and ensuring maximum productivity for you.

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  • ATN Piaf 1000R

    Working height  – 10.04 m

    Horizontal Outreach  – 3.46 m

    Up & over clearance – 6.58 m

    Platform capacity – 200 kg

    Width – 1.03 m

    Unit weight – 2 980 kg


  • ATN Piaf 1100R

    Working height  – 10.98 m

    Horizontal outreach  – 3.74 m

    Up & over clearance – 7.23 m

    Platform capacity – 200 kg

    Width – 1.03 m

    Unit weight – 3 200 kg

  • Genie Z33/18J DC

    Working height  – 12.52 m

    Horizontal outreach  – 5.57 m

    Up & over clearance – 4.28 m

    Platform capacity – 200 kg

    Width – 1.50 m

    Unit weight – 3 665 kg

  • Genie Z34/22J DC

    Working height  – 12.52 m

    Horizontal outreach  – 6.78 m

    Up & over clearance – 4.55 m

    Platform capacity – 227 kg

    Width – 1.73 m

    Unit weight – 4 990 kg

  • Snorkel A38E

    Working height  – 13.5 m

    Horizontal outreach  – 6.1 m

    Up & over clearance – 5.4 m

    Platform capacity – 215 kg

    Width – 1.50 m

    Unit weight – 3 850 kg

  • Genie Z45/25J DC

    Working height  – 15.94 m

    Horizontal outreach  – 7.65 m

    Up & over clearance – 7.24 m

    Platform capacity – 227 kg

    Width – 1.79 m

    Unit weight – 7 394 kg

  • Genie Z60/37J DC

    Working height  – 20.16 m

    Horizontal outreach  – 11.15 m

    Up & over clearance – 7.39 m

    Platform capacity – 227 kg

    Width – 2.49 m

    Unit weight – 7 530 kg

  • JLG E600JP

    Working height  – 20.12 m

    Horizontal outreach  – 13.54 m

    Up & over clearance – n/a

    Platform capacity – 230 kg

    Width – 2.42 m

    Unit weight – 7 144 kg