Goscor Access Solutions offers a top-quality range of the Genie brand of Telehandlers for sale and hire.


Telehandlers for Sale and Hire

Telehandlers (or Telescopic handlers) have become an essential tool used in construction, maintenance, farming, and warehousing.

A telehandler (also known as a telescopic handler) is a mobile elevating machine that includes an extendable boom. There are various attachments that be attached to the end of the boom which offers a wide range of functionality.

A commonly used attachment is a pallet fork. This enables the telehandler to lift pallets that have been placed in areas where a forklift may not be able to reach. Other commonly used attachments include a bucket, a bucket-grab, muck grab and a crane jib.

A telescopic handler is an incredibly versatile machine. It can be used for a multitude of applications across a range of industries.

From farms and event management to warehouses and constructions sites, telehandlers are ideal for vertical and horizontal material moving for almost any job. Whether it’s collecting and moving hay bales or raising large steel beams to the top level of a construction site, a telehandler’s versatility will meet most of your project requirements. Although the forklift and telehandler offer similar functionality in terms of efficiency and cargo movement, a telehandler is slightly more versatile when it comes to strength and height capabilities.

There are several telehandlers on the market but how do you know which one will be best for your job?

Goscor Access Solutions offer a range of telehandlers that feature industry-leading specifications. Our team of specialists are skilled and trained on the machine specs in order to provide you with the right machine for your project needs. Our machines are available to hire or purchase.

Our range of diesel telescopic handles are supplied by Genie, a world-leading producer of aerial lift equipment. The company started in 1966 and has a rich history of creating innovative MEWP’s for the construction industry which include scissor lifts, boom lifts and lighting machines to name a few.

Take a quick look at our various Diesel Telescopic Handlers and what they can be used for.

If you’re looking for a robust solution for large construction and maintenance jobs, our range of all-terrain diesel telescopic handlers can offer the ultimate lifting power.

Goscor Access Solutions offers various Genie telehandler models. These highly durable units are easy to manoeuvre, featuring rugged tires with four-wheel drive.

The GTH2506 is the most compact unit we offer, with the ability to lift material to a height of 5.8m and carry a load of 2.5T.

The Genie GTH3007 can lift goods to a height of 7m with an impressive lift capacity of 3 tonnes. This lightweight unit weighs only 5970 kg.

If you need more height and a greater lift capacity, the Genie GTH4014 can lift a 4-tonne load and has a working height of almost 14m.

Our Genie GTH4018 can offer the ultimate in height and weight, with the ability to lift 4 tonnes of load to an impressive height of almost 18m!

The Snorkel SR1745 rough terrain telehandler is built powerful. Delivering maximum performance is a robust Deutz Tier 4 Final diesel engine and high-quality construction.

These telehandlers can be fitted with a wide range of accessories, making them versatile additions to the worksite. They are particularly useful on general construction sites, residential developments, event/show management, landscaping, storage equipment yards and warehousing.

At Goscor Access Solutions, we pride ourselves in offering a range of versatile MEWP’s that can be used for a multitude of applications across a wide range of industries. Our team of specialists can help you hire the telehandler required for your job. Talk to us about your needs and let us help you come up with the right machine for your application. We offer telehandlers for sale and for hire.

Contact us to discuss our telehandler hire services, we also have a range of scissor lifts for sale.

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