Spider Cranes

Lifting heights of between 8.8m and 22.8m – for hire or purchase

These mini spider cranes have been designed to provide a lifting solution in the most compact and confined areas. They boast impressive lifting power and offer a variety of attachments. Whether its lifting or moving generators, working underground in the mines, landscaping the garden, or moving or setting up gym equipment, these cranes make for an excellent solution. These cranes have assisted in industrial shuts and paper & sugar mills, office & warehouse renovations, aircraft repairs & maintenance, the installation of giant fish tanks and even, the removal and refitting of escalators in shopping centres!


  • Restricted Access Work
  • Steel Erection
  • Weight rated slab work – point loadings
  • Confined install & repair work – malls, warehouses, offices, residential
  • Concrete Work
  • Machinery installation or removals
  • Construction and routine maintenance
  • Mining (Underground, open cast, processing facilities


  • Variable working radii & height limits
  • Load sensors
  • Multi-operational control
  • Fully automatic system
  • Increased manoeuvrability vs. conventional mobile cranes
  • Zero carbon emissions
  • Remotely controlled


Model Crane Capacity Lifting Height
Max. Working radius Dimensions Engine Unit Weight (kg)
URW - 295 2.9t x 1.4m 8.8m 8.41m 2690mm (l) x 600mm(w) x 1375mm(h) Petrol with LPG and electric options, diesel with electric option 2090kg
URW - 376 2.9t x 2.5m 14.9m 14.45m 4340mm(l) x 1300mm(w) x 1800mm(h) Diesel (electric dual power option) 3850kg
URW - 547 4t x 2.5m 18.2m 17.8m 4955mm(l) x 1400mm(w) x 1980mm(h) Diesel (electric dual power option) 5010kg
URW - 547 4t x 2.5m 18.2m 17.8m 4955mm(l) x 1400mm(w) x 1980mm(h) Hybrid – Diesel and Electric 5010kg
URW - 706 6t x 3m 19.5m 18.9m 5610mm(l) x 1670mm(w) x 2185mm(h) Diesel (electric dual power option) 7920kg
URW - 1006 10t x 3m 22.8m 21.9m 6060mm(l) x 2000mm(w) x 2460mm(h) Diesel (electric dual power option) 14000kg
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