Scissor Lifts for Sale and Hire

What is a scissor lift?

A scissor lift is a motorised vehicle with platforms that can be moved straight up and down to various heights depending on your requirements. The lift has a scissor-like appearance because of the crisscrossing metal supports that are used to raise and lower the platform.

Scissor lifts are widely used in construction and manufacturing and can be used to access high shelves in warehouses, the tops of tall poles and the higher floors of buildings on construction sites.

Scissor lifts allow workers to operate at high levels whilst having the space and safety of a platform that has rails.


Unlike other access equipment, a scissor lift can only move vertically. The unit is driven into place, and then the railed platform is raised to the desired height.

Scissor lifts normally use a pneumatic or hydraulic actuator to raise and lower the platform.

Goscor Access Solutions stock a range of both electric-powered or diesel-powered scissor lifts. We have many types of scissor lifts to suit various applications so you will be sure to find what you need.

Electric Scissor Lifts

Electric scissor lifts are ideal for manoeuvring in tight spaces both indoors and outdoors. They offer the advantages of zero-emissions and are relatively quiet. Most electric scissor lifts can be raised to heights of between 7 and 14 meters.

High Level Electric Scissor Lifts

Our rage of high-level electric scissor lifts have been specially designed to reach heights of up to 22 meters.

Diesel Scissor Lifts

Diesel lifts generally work between heights of 9 and 27 meters. The advantage of diesel scissor lifts is their robust tires and four-wheel drive capabilities. These rugged units can navigate muddy construction sites with ease.

Goscor Access Solutions offer a range of electric scissor lifts reaching heights from 7 meters – 14 meters and our high-level electric scissor lifts can reach up to 22 meters.

Our more robust Diesel range can reach from 9 metres – 27 meters – our Holland Scissor lift can reach up to 27,5 meters!

Contact us to discuss our scissor lift hire services, we also have a range of scissor lifts for sale.

Goscor Access Solutions offer an impressive range of scissor lifts rental. They can also be rented for your next construction or maintenance job.

Call us to speak to one of our sales staff about your specific needs.

We also provide cost effective service options, genuine parts as well as machine specific operator training where required.

We will be able to guide you towards the right scissor lift for your specific application, at a cost that will suit your budget. If you prefer, you can submit an enquiry online and we’ll get back to you with a comprehensive quote.