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For virtually any lighting need, we stock and supply the PRAMAC light tower which is an essential part of lighting any construction site, outdoor event or even for the mining and agricultural sector. Our light towers for sale, are robust and fit-for-purpose meaning that their features are built to do what they are designed for and for doing it well. No matter what your lighting tower need is, whether for indoors or outdoors, our PRAMAC light towers for sale are guaranteed not to disappoint.

The mobile light tower we stock is compact and efficiently portable and are considered to be the most towable light towers for sale on the market.
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The PRAMAC LSW-3 LED Light Tower is a portable or mobile light tower with LED lamps. It comes with lockable side doors and a sports steel canopy. It is weatherproof and has 171 hours runtime on a full tank, with a spill-proof 120L metal fuel tank bund with 110% capacity to ensure you manage to get the job done. This light tower can be used on construction sites, mining, and generally areas that need heightened lights.

Want to know more about the features that the light tower manufacturers at PRAMAC incorporated into their design? Take a look at the impressive specifications below:

The light tower has a galvanised steel mast with a manual winch with a full 8m raised height and 340degree rotation. It has impressive 4 x 320W heavy-duty, omnidirectional LED lamp arrays and a run time of 171 hours on a full tank.


MODEL Lamp Arrays Working Height (m) Coverage Runtime (hour) Sound-proof Spill Proof Body Construction
PRAMAC LSW-3 LED 4x 320W omnidirectional LED 8 4500m2 (188,160Lm) 171 62dB @ 7m 120 litre fuel tank Full steel
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Portable Light Towers for Sale & Hire

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A light tower also referred to as tower lights, is a piece of mobile equipment which has one or more high-intensity electric lamps and a mast. Almost always, the lights are attached to the mast, which is attached to a trailer, with a generator set to power the lamps.

Light towers are most commonly used for lighting on construction sites but can also be used for a variety of other applications. We’ve seen them utilised effectively for clients across Africa on mines, by emergency services at accident sites or traffic stops, by the entertainment industry for light at concerts or other public events, and also by sports teams to light up soccer and rugby pitches.

The dedicated sales team at Goscor Access Solutions will offer you the most competitive light tower prices on the market. They are driven to offer excellent customer service at prices that will not break the budget. They proudly offer tower lights for sale, and to rent to industries across South Africa. Your customer satisfaction is their concern.

Our Service & Parts team will take care of all the maintenance and service queries relating to your bought or rented portable lights. Our aim is to keep breakdown and downtimes away but regularly maintaining all of our equipment solutions well.

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