Teupen Leo 30 T Crawler Boom Lift

The Teupen Leo 30 T can help you access a working height of 30m, ideal for shopping centres/cinemas, churches, narrow access work areas, weight-restricted areas, and many more. The Teupen Leo 30 T is extremely versatile and can be controlled from one spot – either in the basket or walking alongside the machine for the best overview while manoeuvring.

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Teupen Leo 30 T Specs:

Working height (m) 30
Horizontal outreach (m) 15.7
Up & over clearance (m) N/A
Platform capacity (kg) 200
Width (m) 1.58
Unit weight (kg) 4 225


  • Bestselling model suited to serve indoor and outdoor applications
  • Radio remote controls with interactive display
  • Controlled from one spot – either in the basket or walking alongside the machine for the best overview while manoeuvring
  • Interactive display shows all available boom functions, safety information and allows error analysis
  • Powerful track drive allows manoeuvring the to the millimetre. It also allows to drive the lift through rough terrain, climb steep slopes and even stairs
  • Height & width adjustable tracks
  • High-performance stabiliser system with 3 different setup positions
  • In terrain the stabilisers overcome a height difference of 1,20m
  • Rotatable basket and movable jib
  • A 180° basket rotation paired with a 180° adjustable jib
  • Rigid boom design for maximum stability
  • Perfected boom technology with self-centering profiles telescoping in and out on rollers instead of sliding blocks. Combined with the patented Teupen “Fuzzy” control logic allowing smooth lift operation without jerky movements
  • Dual drive system
  • Silent and emission-free 230V electric motor
  • For outdoor use it has a powerful and robust Kubota Diesel engine. Optionally the diesel engine can be replaced with a 80V battery pack