Teupen Leo 15 GT Crawler Boom Lift

The Teupen Leo 15 GT can help you access a working height of 14.7m, ideal for shopping centres/cinemas, churches, narrow access work areas, weight-restricted areas, and many more. The Teupen Leo 15 GT is extremely versatile and can be controlled from one spot – either in the basket or walking alongside the machine for the best overview while manoeuvring.

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Teupen Leo 15 GT Specs:

Working height (m) 14.7
Horizontal outreach (m) 7.6
Up & over clearance (m) 5.4
Platform capacity (kg) 200
Width (m) 0.78
Unit weight (kg) 1 780


  • Extremely versatile
  • High-performance and easy-to-handle aerial lift and can be an all-round solution for many different applications either indoors or outdoors
  • Light and compact for easy Transport
  • The Teupen tracks drive with non-marking rubber tracks provides easy manoeuvring from the basket or walking alongside with the detachable cable remote control
  • Adjustable tracks to make the lift narrower or, on wide setting, increases stability and ground clearance
  • Compact with detachable basket for passing narrow entrances of only 78 cm
  • Convenient automatic stabiliser levelling
  • Easily sets up on every terrain and surface with the one-touch multi-level automatic levelling system
  • Rigid boom design – maximum stability
  • A larger boom knuckle assembly, stronger boom design with only one articulation, a wider slew-ring assembly and the patented Teupen “Fuzzy” electro-proportional control logic provide smooth, stable and precise lift operation
  • Several power options, for indoor and outdoor use
  • Standard prime power is provided by a gas/petrol engine and an electric motor as alternate power indoors. Optionally, a Diesel engine is available