Chery Pickers for Hire

Cherry pickers (also called boom lifts) have become an essential tool used in construction, maintenance, farming, and warehousing.

A cherry picker uses a hydraulic crane to raise and lower people on a platform or bucket so that they can safely and efficiently perform a number of tasks high off the ground.

Our Range Of Cherry Pickers

Cherry pickers, otherwise known as boom lifts are versatile construction vehicles that come in a variety of designs, capabilities and models. These machines are very useful when it comes to working in difficult-to-reach areas. There are many different types of cherry pickers and booms and customers often ask what each model is used for. This article will help you understand the different models available and what each is designed for; ultimately assisting your decision-making when you need a hire or buy a cherry picker or boom.

Cherry pickers are often used on building and construction sites to gain access in places that may be quite tricky to reach. They are also used in warehouses for picking and packing, for installations and maintenance jobs and also for engineering purposes like the repair of streetlights, roofing etc. They can be operated by a single person and it’s source of power can be diesel or electric. With their hydraulic systems and modern articulated booms, a cherry picker’s boom can extend between 10m and 57m; making them very unique and useful additions to your construction equipment.

At Goscor Access Solutions, we offer a wide range of cherry pickers/booms and many other machines that cater for a very broad spectrum of project work.

Mast booms and electric boom lifts

Where ‘up and over’ reach and more intricate positioning of platform is required, these booms offer excellent versatility in confined areas. Ideal for sensitive environments with quiet, emission free operation. These cherry pickers have a boom reach of between 10m – 20m and they have a tight turning radius which is ideal for shopping centres and factory maintenance.

Diesel articulated boom lifts

These rugged, 4×4-type articulated booms are capable of handling rough conditions on any worksite with excellent outreach, precise ‘up and over’ positioning and basket rotation to reach any work area. These cherry pickers have a boom reach of between 12m – 43m, a four-wheel drive operation, oscillating axles for rough terrain and high ground clearance.

Diesel telescopic boom lifts

With working heights of 22- 57m, these cherry pickers offer great horizontal outreach for working in areas where obstacles prevent close access and more height is required. A manoeuvrable jib and rotating basket allow for more precise positioning of the platform. With high ground clearance, rough terrain abilities and the best horizontal outreach, these booms/cherry pickers are ideal for façade maintenance, roofing and cladding, TV/film shoots and general construction.

Super boom lifts

These pickers have extended working heights of between 43m – 57m. They have excellent reach capacities, range of motion and are easy and compact to transport. A good choice for those needing a boom lift to work in confined areas. With x-chassis extendable axles, four-wheel steer, 360 degree rotation and oscillating axles for rough terrain, these cherry pickers are ideal for bridges, stadiums, power stations, wind farms, tall buildings and any maximum height work.

Crawler boom lifts

Otherwise known as spider cherry pickers, these booms extend between 15m-36m. High performing and easy to handle, they are designed for excellence across a range of applications and are light, compact and easy to transport. Versatile indoors, tracked crawlers can enter through standard doorways yet still offer outstanding reach with low weight for sensitive underfoot conditions. In rugged outdoors, tracks ensure maximum traction in rough terrain where other equipment cannot go. Self-levelling outriggers stabilise the unit on sloped or even stepped work areas. Full bi-energy operation makes these machines the most versatile and adaptable form of powered access today. These crawlers are ideal for narrow access work areas, uneven surfaces, shopping centres, cinemas, churches and atriums.

Trailer mounted boom lifts

These machines are ideal for frequent site relocation as they are towable cherry pickers. Trailer mounted boom lifts perform well on uneven and sensitive floor surfaces and are lightweight and highly mobile. They have an outstanding operating envelope to reach jobs that are both high and low and have excellent “up and over” reach capabilities too. These lifts are for indoor and outdoor use and are perfect for weight restricted, uneven and sensitive floor areas.

When looking to hire a boom lift or to rent a cherry picker, always choose a company that understands your requirements accurately. The most commonly used cherry pickers in Africa include the Z41, Z51, Z62 and the Z80.

For more information on our range of cherry pickers and booms lifts, contact Goscor Access Solutions today.

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