Our Fleet

Our Fleet

Boys (and girls) like their toys and brands, which is why we represent some of the coolest (and hottest) names out there in the industry. Think of any brand, and we probably not only have it in stock, but it is kicking it out of the park in some application in Africa. We pride ourselves on being able to do this, as it means you become almost as cool as we are. (Don’t worry, we won’t slip in that pun here about ‘taking you to great heights’ again, as that seems more appropriate to the next Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Talk about Powered Access. Again, we digress).

So here is the nuts-and-bolts of what makes us so passionate about our business. We offer a full range of platforms, sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers. This does not mean you have to take a second mortgage to afford a Rolls Royce, when all you need is a Chev Spark.

We start small, with low-level access. This is not a problem for us, as we can match whatever need you may have. In this case, size really doesn’t matter.

So, we have a comprehensive range of articulating and telescopic boom lifts. This includes diesel and electric scissor lifts, for those with your ‘green’ hats on.

We even do really cool stuff that will blow your socks off (We really hope you’re not one of those Oom Paul Kruger guys with combs in their socks though.)

This includes unique products for those really hard-to-reach areas or more confined spaces (please remember, this has nothing to do with our earlier comments about Superman. Or Fifty Shades of Grey, for that matter. Ouch.)

  • Low-level access: From 4.5 m to 6.4 m, offering economical options such as push-around units
  • Electric scissor lifts: From 7.6 m to 22.5 m working heights, for quieter, fume-free indoor applications
  • Diesel rough-terrain scissor lifts: From 9.7 m to 18.2 m working heights, with large capacities.
  • Electric boom lifts: From 12.5 m to 20 m working heights, including narrow options
  • Diesel rough-terrain articulating and telescopic boom lifts: From 15 m to 43 m