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Spider Cranes: A New Generation of Lifting Equipment

Introducing our range of Spider Cranes for sale and hire from quality brands in the industry. Read about our range of spider cranes and specifications! Spider cranes are considered the new generation of lifting equipment thanks to their ability to access restrictive spaces as well as their impressive lifting power. Thanks to our recent partnership with European manufacturer, UNIC Cranes, Goscor Access Solutions is now offering this new generation of mini powerlifters to the South African market with an impressive line-up of spider cranes [read more]

Uses for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms are usually used for warehousing and construction sites, but did you know there are other uses for MEWP such as moving. Learn more. While most boom lifts, telehandlers and scissor lifts spend their life in a warehouse or on a construction site, you’ll find some MEWPs in some interesting places. 7 Uses of MEWP Machines What are the top 7 surprising uses for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms? 1. Movie stars Telehandlers and mobile cranes spend lots of time on movie [read more]

The Best Access Equipment For Heavy industrial Use

We have a diverse fleet of access equipment for many different applications. When it comes to heavy industrial use, we have a range of booms that are designed for industrial work. For heavy industrial use, customers want access to equipment that is up to the task. They want machines that are built to lift the heaviest of loads and a company that can supply them with what they want and that understands what they need. That’s where Goscor Access Solutions comes in. At Goscor [read more]

Blueprint For Choosing The Best Cherry Picker

If you’re in the market for a cherry picker, it can be hard to know where to start. With so many cherry picker specs and features, GAS offers the best options! When you’re needing an excellent cherry picker to offer the best solution for your working-at-height project requirement, it can be hard to know which is the best cherry picker to choose. That’s when many of our clients turn to us, at Goscor Access Solutions, in order to give them advice and suggestions as [read more]

HL275 Scissor Lift vs S85 Boom Lift

The Holland Lift HL275 Scissor Lift vs the Genie S85 Boom Lift  In the battle of mega MEWPs that operate at impressive heights, two lifts stand head and shoulders above the rest. The Holland Lift HL275 and Genie S85 Boom Lift both reach a working height of 27 meters. But which lift will take you to greater heights? We compare the two machines to see which one comes out tops. The Holland Lift HL275 Scissor Lift The Holland Lift HL-275 can access working heights [read more]

Most considered machines for the industrial & construction projects

Learn about the top MEWP manufacturers such as Genie and Holland Lifts as well as the top 5 machines to consider when hiring or buying from your MEWP provider. Mobile Elevating Work Platforms are indispensable tools on construction sites and across the industrial sector.  From building bridges to laying foundations and adding roofing, mobile elevated work platforms play a vital role in major construction projects.  Top 5 MEWP manufacturers to consider for construction or industrial jobs Selecting the right machine for the job can [read more]

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