Heavy Lifting Solutions for Wind Turbine Installation

Renewable energy projects require the machinery that we specialise in. Look at the types of elevating work platforms needed in the transportation and installation of wind turbines The renewable energy sector in South Africa is a booming business thanks to the variety of natural resources we have at our disposal. From wind and tidal power to light and geothermal power, renewable energy is fast becoming the most sustainable energy solution for both the country and businesses across it. Wind power is one of the [read more]

Blueprint For Choosing The Best Cherry Picker

If you’re in the market for a cherry picker, it can be hard to know where to start. With so many cherry picker specs and features, GAS offers the best options! When you’re needing an excellent cherry picker to offer the best solution for your working-at-height project requirement, it can be hard to know which is the best cherry picker to choose. That’s when many of our clients turn to us, at Goscor Access Solutions, in order to give them advice and suggestions as [read more]

HL275 Scissor Lift vs S85 Boom Lift

The Holland Lift HL275 Scissor Lift vs the Genie S85 Boom Lift  In the battle of mega MEWPs that operate at impressive heights, two lifts stand head and shoulders above the rest. The Holland Lift HL275 and Genie S85 Boom Lift both reach a working height of 27 meters. But which lift will take you to greater heights? We compare the two machines to see which one comes out tops. The Holland Lift HL275 Scissor Lift The Holland Lift HL-275 can access working heights [read more]

Most considered machines for the industrial & construction projects

Learn about the top MEWP manufacturers such as Genie and Holland Lifts as well as the top 5 machines to consider when hiring or buying from your MEWP provider. Mobile Elevating Work Platforms are indispensable tools on construction sites and across the industrial sector.  From building bridges to laying foundations and adding roofing, mobile elevated work platforms play a vital role in major construction projects.  Top 5 MEWP manufacturers to consider for construction or industrial jobs Selecting the right machine for the job can [read more]

Why MEWP Operator Training and Certificates are Important

Making sure that all your operators and personnel receive proper training is the first step in helping to prevent accidents. It’s vital that anyone operating heavy machinery receive the right MEWP operator training to protect themselves, other workers, the equipment and the jobsite. What is MEWP Operator Training? Mobile Elevated Work Platforms can be complex pieces of machinery. And an operator should have a thorough understanding – not just of the machine itself – but also how to eliminate environmental hazards, how to inspect [read more]

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms Hire

We offer a range of mobile elevated work platforms and aerial access equipment for sale and for hire. Get a quote to buy or rent any of our MEWP machines today!  Goscor Access Solutions offers a wide range of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms Equipped with a diverse fleet of +1000 machines that reach heights between 6-57m, Goscor Access Solutions offers a wide range of MEWPs suited for multiple applications across various industries. MOBILE ELEVATING WORK PLATFORM MACHINERY FOR SALE OR RENTAL BOOM LIFTS / [read more]

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