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Heavy Lifting Solutions for Wind Turbine Installation

Renewable energy projects require the machinery that we specialise in. Look at the types of elevating work platforms needed in the transportation and installation of wind turbines The renewable energy sector in South Africa is a booming business thanks to the variety of natural resources we have at our disposal. From wind and tidal power to light and geothermal power, renewable energy is fast becoming the most sustainable energy solution for both the country and businesses across it. Wind power is one of the [read more]

The Mohembo Bridge Project in Botswana

A momentous undertaking: building the Mohembo Bridge Goscor Access Solutions are proud to play a key role in the construction of the iconic Mohembo Bridge in Botswana. This towering new landmark is set to bring new tourism and trade to the area, by improving transport connections between Botswana, Namibia, Angola, and Zambia. The 1.2-km- cable-stayed bridge is currently being built over the Okavango River, and will connect villages east of the river on the edge of the Okavango Delta, with the rest of the [read more]

Goscor Access Solutions pulls out all stops to help Covid-19 Field Hospital up & running in record time.

Goscor Access Solutions felt privileged to have played such a pivotal role during the construction of the Brakengate Covid-19 field hospital in Cape Town. When asked to assist with the project, Goscor Access Solutions pulled out all the stops to help get the hospital facility up and running in a very short time frame. The Brakengate Field Hospital is an intermediate care facility in Cape Town. The hospital treats Covid-19 patients who require hospitalisation and oxygen. The Goscor Access Solutions team were asked to [read more]

Considerations for Buying and Hiring Access Equipment

Whether you want to buy or hire access equipment, here are some of the reasons why buying and/or hiring can be beneficial to you and your business. To buy or to hire? What to consider when looking to buy or hire access solutions: If you’re looking for a mobile elevating work platform for a project, for the workplace, or even for household needs, you may be asking yourself whether it’s better to buy a machine upfront or simply rent one? At Goscor Access Solutions [read more]

Goscor Access Solutions offering some of the most innovative access machines across the African continent

Innovation at its best. Our fleet offers some of the most advanced and innovative features. If you’re looking for a market leading access solution in Africa, our GAS team are the ones to contact. We understand that innovation is good — but, when we are developing new technologies and solutions for our equipment, these innovations must advance safety and/or increase the number of rental days/applications without significantly impacting the machine’s cost. A few of the machines included in our impressive fleet are: Highest crawler [read more]

Goscor Access Solutions provides insight into the key distinctions between AC and DC drives

Understanding the AC-type drive In our electric scissors and boom lifts, AC-type drives are used to control the motor's speed. The 'AC' stands for 'alternating current.' An AC-type drive is also referred to as adjustable speed drive, adjustable frequency drive and a variable speed drive. The AC-type drive serves a very Important function in the mechanical operating process because it minimises energy consumption, increases process control, enhances efficient energy generation and minimizes mechanical stress. The GS4655 scissor lift and the Z60/60 FE Z33/18 boom lifts [read more]

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