Goscor Access Solutions proudly achieves ISO45001 certification

The Goscor Access Solutions team has always valued safety as an absolute priority and this certification certainly cements this fact. This certification symbolises our commitment to own and operate a fleet of safe, compliant and reliable equipment. With IS045001 certification in place, our GAS team ensures improved risk management and therefore increased productivity and efficiency. ISO45001 certification  What is the ISO45001 Health and Safety certification?  The ISO45001 certification is a health and safety standard that helps to protect employees. As the world’s first international [read more]

An access solution perfect for warehousing, stocktaking and maintenance

GAS's HL-220 E12 is a scissor lift ideal for tasks that require the safe lifting of people and materials in stocktaking, warehousing and maintenance scenarios. Ideal access solutions for warehousing, stocktaking and maintenance Perhaps you’re looking for a warehousing solution that can help you reach high shelves in a large warehouse? Or maybe you need to perform regular building maintenance that requires lifting workers up to high levels both inside and outside of a building? Maybe you need a work platform that allows you to [read more]

GAS sells Genie’s highest electric scissor lift to ACDC Dynamics – FIRST ONE IN AFRICA

There was no better way for us to begin our partnership with ACDC Dynamics than to sell them the new Genie GS4655 electric scissor lift – the first one to have landed on the African continent. ACDC Dynamics Maintenance Manager, Kobus Pieterse says, “We’re currently using the machine to for lighting maintenance in the warehouse. The height at which we can  operate is really impressive and super helpful in getting our job done in a more efficient manner. The maneuverability of the machine through [read more]

Introducing a valued Goscor Access Solutions partner: AssetPool

Goscor Access Solutions avoids unnecessary admin and delays with AssetPool, an app which provides asset management through automated asset compliance & verification software. Introducing AssetPool Services  What is AssetPool?  Included in the GAS service offering is an automated asset compliance and verification software. Simply put, the AssetPool app can determine the who, what, where and when in relation to every asset inspection. It’s an app that gives us the opportunity to monitor, measure, record and manage faster and more accurately than ever before. AssetPool is an [read more]

The Genie GS 1330 mini scissor lift now available at Goscor Access Solutions

If you’ve been looking for a low level scissor lift that’s perfect for areas with space and weight restrictions, the Genie GS 1330m offers the perfect solution. This mini scissor lift is now available for rent or sale at Goscor Access Solutions. What is the Genie GS 1330? The Genie GS 1330m scissor lift has a maximum platform height of 3.9 meters and a maximum working height of 5.9 meters. It has a two-person, 227kg carrying capacity and the unit weighs only 889kg. The [read more]

The Genie GS4655 Scissor Lift Now Available At Goscor Access Solutions

It’s robust, eco-friendly and strong. The Genie GS4655 offers an excellent combination of working height and lifting capabilities. As Genie’s highest electric slab scissor lift to date, this machine offers greater lift than ever before. The lift can be used both indoors and outdoors for reaching high areas in restricted spaces. The scissor can reach a height of 16m and a load of 350kg can be lifted with ease on the large platform, which also includes a 1.22m slide out extension deck. This access [read more]

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