Difference Between Up & Over Booms and Straight & Up Booms

The difference between Up and Over Booms and Straight and Up Booms Boom lifts are a mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP’s) or otherwise know as aerial work platforms. They are used in a variety of applications where workers, tools and materials need to be lifted to extended heights. There are two main types of boom lifts: up and over (or articulating) booms and straight and up (or telescopic) booms. It is important to understand the difference between these two types of boom lifts in [read more]

Site Inspection in the Construction Industry

What is a site inspection in construction? What procedure is conducted? Learn more on what we think is important for a site inspection. Site Inspection on a Construction Site  When using a MEWP on site, you need to be certain that the site is as safe as possible for operators and all other staff members. A safe workplace needs be established before any work is to commence. Potential hazards need to be identified and removed or avoided at all costs. A site safety inspection [read more]

Genie 5390 Scissor Lift vs Genie Z51 Articulated Boom Lift

Battle of the big guns… The Genie 5390 Scissor Lift vs the Genie Z51 Articulated Boom Lift Both the Genie 5390 Scissor Lift and the Genie Z51 Articulated Boom Lift can reach a working height of over 17 meters, making them a very popular choice for outdoor construction and industrial project applications. Let us have a look at some of the differences between the two machines: The Genie 5390 Scissor Lift What is a Genie 5390 Scissor Lift? The Genie 5390 is considered a [read more]

Recommendations on How to Read a Telehandler Load Chart

Interpreting a Telehandler’s Load Chart Telehandlers are great for lifting, moving and placing a wide variety of materials and supplies. Their versatility allows an operator to complete various tasks with just one unit, making them quite a constant on construction sites. In fact, a telehandler can often replace the need for a skid steer. Heavy loads like steel, masonry and bricks can be moved with ease with a telehandler, but moving heavy supplies always comes with risk. A telehandler load capacity chart can inform [read more]

Goscor Access Solutions pulls out all stops to help Covid-19 Field Hospital up & running in record time.

Goscor Access Solutions felt privileged to have played such a pivotal role during the construction of the Brakengate Covid-19 field hospital in Cape Town. When asked to assist with the project, Goscor Access Solutions pulled out all the stops to help get the hospital facility up and running in a very short time frame. The Brakengate Field Hospital is an intermediate care facility in Cape Town. The hospital treats Covid-19 patients who require hospitalisation and oxygen. The Goscor Access Solutions team were asked to [read more]

Considerations for Buying and Hiring Access Equipment

Whether you want to buy or hire access equipment, here are some of the reasons why buying and/or hiring can be beneficial to you and your business. To buy or to hire? What to consider when looking to buy or hire access solutions: If you’re looking for a mobile elevating work platform for a project, for the workplace, or even for household needs, you may be asking yourself whether it’s better to buy a machine upfront or simply rent one? At Goscor Access Solutions [read more]

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