Are you concerned about working at heights?

If so, then you have come to the right place!

Of course, you know that the team at Goscor Access Solutions understands that getting high is serious business, and it needs to be done safely.

So, relax and let us show you how we keep our head in the clouds!

First off, some corporate stuff (you can skip this part if you want to get straight to the good stuff).

You might have known us as Goscor Access Rental or Goscor Hi-Reach but that’s all in the past now. Goscor Hi-Reach and Goscor Access Rental had now been merged into a new entity, Goscor Access Solutions. We are also part of the InServe Group, a large industrial services group that includes crane hire, scaffolding & scaffold steel processing, trailer manufacturing and fuel pump & distribution divisions, this really sets us apart. Think of having a big brother to look after you. It means that you are always in good hands.

Except, this big brother is an industrial equipment giant, which means you have access (get it?) to the best and safest stuff out there to keep you high and dry.

What does all of this mean? Well, it is simple, really. You stand really tall with Goscor Access Solutions!


The popular industry solution for increasing worksite productivity where maneuvering in tight spaces is required.
PB electric scissor lifts offer excellent height capability coupled with narrow aisle manoeuvrability and maximum platform workspace.
Designed for more demanding outdoor work, rough terrain scissors feature 4 wheel drive, positive traction control and greater ground clearance.
Where ‘up and over’ reach and more intricate positioning of platform is required, booms offer excellent versatility even in confined areas.
Rugged, 4×4 articulated booms capable of handling rough conditions on any worksite with excellent outreach, precise ‘up and over’ positioning
Perfect choice for moving or placing of materials on any work site. With multiple attachments these all terrain machines are ideal.
Offering greater horizontal outreach for working in areas where obstacles prevent close access and more height is required.
Industry leading horizontal outreach and impressive working heights with X-frame chassis for easier transporting and incredible stability on the work site.
Versatile indoors, tracked crawlers can enter through standard doorways yet still offer outstanding reach and unlimited work area with low weight..
Our aerial work platform range, which includes Genie personnel lifts, one of the best aerial work platform manufacturers in the market, is impressive to say the least
For virtually any lighting need, we stock and supply the Terex light tower which is an essential part of lighting any construction site, outdoor event or even for the mining and agricultural sector.
Mast boom lifts are ideal for the retail and warehousing industries, making stock control and inventory taking quicker, easier, more reliable and ultimately safer and more efficient.
Our lifting equipment and material lifts boast impressive features that are much-needed to get the job done well the first time, most especially for the construction and commercial industries.
If you’re an artisan like a plumber, painter, drywaller, ceiling specialist or even an electrician, using a specialised cherry picker or access platform is a must for those hard-to-reach jobs in smaller spaces.